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After the success of our first edition, we are pleased to announce MicrobiotaMI 2020: three days of scientific sessions and multidisciplinary networking at the brand new Humanitas Congress Center in Milan 5th-7th February 2020.

The program is divided into seven core sessions:

1. Microbiota and immune cells

2. Gut-liver-brain axis

3. Microbiota and Pathogens

4. Gut-bone marrow axis

5. Mucosal surface microbiota

6. Microbiota and immune system: from allergies to cancer

7. Global microbiota signatures and pathologies.

In each of these sessions, presentations will be made by leading immunologists and clinicians who will give keynote lectures on state of the art advancements in differing areas of the same microbiome field.

A final round table for each session will discuss future developments in that area, encouraging contributions from the audience. 

MicrobiotaMi is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, an outstanding scientific level, and a large active participation of young, early stage researchers. We anticipate the attendance of researchers from academia, clinical departments as well as biotech and pharma industries who are interested in the molecular, immunological and translational aspects of microbiota.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting meeting in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment favored by the intercultural, young, creative, and fascinating city of Milan.

Ref. Marina Lunghi
e-mail: microbiotami@effetti.it