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The ICONA Foundation Meeting is a closed-workshop devoted to Specialists with the aim of pursuing new findings and strategies, as well as analyses and works in progress to allow open discussions among Experts on cutting-edge issues in HIV and Coinfections.

The scientific program of this two-day Meeting will focus on the following main topics:

  • ARV and early treatment
  • Long-term strategies in HIV: adherence, simplification, switch
  • Evolution of comorbidities among HIV patients: ageing, bone, cardiovascular, renal, AIDS and non-AIDS defining malignancies
  • The clinical use of biomarkers
  • The continuum of HIV care, based on surveillance and cohort data
  • Future settings of HIV/HCV coinfection
  • Long-term outcomes in the treatment of HCV with the new generation of DAAs
  • How to manage failure and resistance to DAA-based therapies
  • New perspectives in hepatitis B
  • Scientific evidences and new research projects by ICONA and HepaICONA Cohorts in the treatment of HIV and HIV/HCV coinfection