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The conference - devoted to specialist on infectious diseases, internists, geriatricians and members of patient advocacy groups - will focus on the following main topics:

  • Life expectancy versus healthy life expectancy: how to compress disability to advanced age
  • Operationalization of age as a health condition in clinical setting
  • Ageing Cohorts and HIV cohort: can they intersect?
  • Neurocognitive conditions in HIV and other disorders
  • Healthy aging and integrated care for older people:
    •     Clinical and research perspectives;
    • Examples of communication technology instruments for the patients' follow-up
  • Italian Guidelines for HIV elderly populations: main ARV principles according to available data
  • Exploring Models of comprehensive geriatric assessment and management in HIV 


N. crediti formativi: 11
ID ECM evento: 150-210908

Ref. Lara Strippoli
e-mail: lara.strippoli@effetti.it